Thursday, June 27, 2013

Outside lights

So many had to be replaced but it looks great now.

The Floor

When we got it the floor was covered in this nasty brown carpet.

epoxied still ugly


wipe your feet



I always wanted to get a solar panel for the RV. Honestly the cost of a solar setup was way above budget for this trip.

                                                       Then this happened

I traded some ammo (about 50 rounds),a propane lantern and a Jagermeister bucket for this 245 watt panel.
Weird part was it was to a fellow Arkansan.  We squeezed this bad boy into the back of our cops car and took it home.

\ Some well placed "L" brackets.

 Mppt solar controller and a 2000w (4000 peak) inverter from Ebay all less than $150

Ran one plug to the kitchen and one along the right side to power the fridge and provide outlets for the ac and anything we want to use on the Table.
I have a battery bank of 2 marine batteries right now and hope to pick up a third before the big day.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Air conditioning

We got up this morning and we saw a Free rooftop ac unit on craigslist. The guy had no idea if it worked or not. 

                                 We get this monster and get it cleaned up in the driveway.

I get it in the garage set the top piece on some chairs, prop the middle on some ammo boxes and hooked the wires from an old  lamp to the power supply. Much to our surprise it works great and blows ice cold!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Outside paint.

I painted all that ugly brown a very dark black with a very lovely epoxy. I think it gives the RV a real updated look.

Return of the cabinets!

                                              Finally got all the cabinets done and back in.


The table

The table was the ugliest piece of misused particle board I had every had the misfortune to come across.

For some reason the stoner idiots we bought the rv from wrapped duct tape all the way around the edges and underneath. After removing the tape I still can't figure out why. The sides aren't peeling off and there is only the tiniest bit chipped off.

After a thorough cleaning and a coat of paint we cut up a topographic map for the edges. Carefully Ironed them.

                                  Placed them around the edges the some elmers spray adhesive.

                                          Then we placed a lovely world map in the center.

                                Back out the the garage we put on  a few coats of  Spray on polyurethane.
                                               Finished great looking map table we can eat off of.